Open Play

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday 10 AM - 12:30 PM

 Thursday 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM (As scheduled)

Want to Try?

You are welcome to come give it a roll.  Please be sure to come at least 30 minutes prior to any Open Play start time listed above.  Come through the gate on the right when facing the club house.   If members are present,  the clubhouse is open and the gate is unlocked.  The gate appears locked, but a chain with a lock is usually draped inside the rung to keep the door from swinging open.  We also encourage you to message the club at to schedule a lesson or ask any questions.  



2024 Tournaments

                                 John Gilbert Mixed Doubles Random Draw - Winners: Tamy DeLeon and Gene Wasosky

                                                2-4-2 Open Doubles - Winners:  Judy Rasmussen and Hetta Danford

                           Annual Unofficial International Barefoot Bowls Tournament - Champions: Hetta Danford & Tamy DeLeon    

Annual Cut-Throat Tournament- Winner Michael Lauer, 2nd Place Tamy DeLeon, 3rd Place Robert Katzman 

2023 Tournaments

                                                                  Triples Random Draw- Winners- Dave Hilson, James Rice & Randy Warn

                                                             John Bray Mixed Doubles - Winners - Judy Rasmussen and Ralf Poppen

                                                             John Gilbert Mixed Doubles Random Draw - Winners- Tamy DeLeon & Brian Flynn 

                                                                         Doubles Tournament - Winners - Nancy Miller and Tamy DeLeon

Annual Unofficial World Aloha Barefoot Bowls Tournament 15-17 February 2023
 Champions: James Rice (Honolulu) and Ron Esparza (San Francisco).  

Upcoming Tournaments

                                                                           John Bray Mixed Doubles